Fudge Professional is a cult hair brand that fuses energy and experimentation with individuality and an effortless ethos.

Having written the maverick professional brand rulebook, Fudge has a questioning creativity and character as well as real depths to its uncompromising drive. Creative to the core, vibrant in spirit and always brave at heart, Fudge Professional recognises its heritage and appeal – the professional hairdresser.

A brand celebrated by both beauty obsessives and professional hair stylists, Fudge Professional pushes the boundaries when it comes to hair.

When it comes to hairstyles, most of us stick to what we know. Fudge celebrates the people who refuse to be labelled or “boxed in” to one job, one lifestyle, one set of friends, one hairstyle. We’re for the people who turn heads and defy expectations; whatever the world does, Fudge Professional does it differently.