Our true aspiration is to blend quality, style and trends and become the spokesperson and source of inspiration for “Kaaral Made in Italy” everywhere.

Ours is a story of passion, passed down from father to son for three generations. A story that began back in 1981 with Antonino Vitulli, father of Silvano, and that continues growing even now.

Directing today are Mr. Vitulli’s three grandchildren, Francesco, Nicola and Romolo, who have brought our presence to more than 35 countries around the world providing us a young and cutting edge vision.

BACÒ Colour

BACÒ, Kaaral professional coloring system to satisfy every need. a wide range of shades, performing and treating formulations, for bright color results and naturally beautiful hair.


The haircare line that cares for and conditions hair. It shares its passion with every woman, creating the perfect mix of love and protection with a glamorous touch. Intoxicating perfumes, captivating colors, and carefully- chosen ingredients combined to give life to our modern-day fairytale.

Blonde Elevation

A range of professional products designed to lighten, neutralise and maintain shine in all types of blonde or grey hair or highlighted hair